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I was at the White Plains Expo on July 24th and purchased, *what was labeled on the container it was in* a Theraphosa Blondi (Goliath Birdeater). The guy who was selling them told me that it was a confirmed female, so I bought it. It's abdomen was very small and slightly shriveled, but it had the best looking tarantulas out of the rest of their Theraphosa species.

I spent a lot of money on the tarantula, and it's new enclosure/other necessities beforehand. I took it home, I saw that it was a male. That was already a problem. Also, the guy wrote down the wrong specices, for it was a Stirmi.

It was fine it it's new enclosure, I have experience with this species and it ate well the day I got it. However, not even a day and a half later it died. There was definitely something wrong with the tarantula before I even brought it home, there was no reason for it to have died under my supervision. I contacted Outback Reptiles via email and complained and the guy who emailed me back kept trying to tell me things that were irrelevant to the fact that they 1.) Sold me the wrong sex/misnamed the specices and 2.) They are displaying sickly looking/unhealthy tarantulas at the show. He came across very rude about it and he didn't even care that I told him the animal he sold to me died the next day.

Very upset with my purchase from them and wasted a lot of money.

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Gainesville, Virginia, United States #1231881

Hi this is Mike at Outback Reptiles. Like I explained via email, if you bought a Goliath Birdeater that was labelled "T.

Blondi" then you got it from a different vendor. None of our goliath birdeaters had the latin names on the cup labels, and they are all T stirmi anyways.

I am sorry your spider died but it did not come from us if that was on the cup lid. I also never guarantee sex on bird eaters because they are notoriously difficult to sex unless they are mature males.

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